Jane Lennon - Paper Mache Artist
Paper Mache Process

Self Portrait as a useful object (Detail). Feed a lot! 50 x 50 x 20 cm. Winging It! 43 x 39 x 8cm.

I create artworks from recycled office paper.  My approach is unique in the paper mâché world.  My practice crosses the boundaries between the purely aesthetic forms of sculpture and functionally designed objects.

As well as abstract sculpture I make chairs, tables, storage units, bowls, platters, mirrors, lights, and coffins. I am self-taught and have been exhibiting my work since 2000. View a selection of my work

I offer workshops in how to transform discarded paper into a clay-like pulp and then sculpt it.  I have works ready to exhibit and art gallery experience.

Because I am committed to reducing paper waste my activities focus on:

Contact me via or mobile phone in Australia 0414 348 930 to discuss my artwork, workshops or display items.

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